Henrietta Bud sculpture, wood and stone carving and painting

The Reader would make an exclusive gift, and companion, for a book lover; a great present for birthday, Christmas, anniversary or mother's/father's day

The Reader The Reader The Reader
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The Reader is made in cold cast bronze resin, patinated a deep reddish brown, to evoke the colour of a leather-bound book.

He is a limited edition of 25,

If you would like to buy The Reader, or discuss him further please contact me.

“Lovely sculpture….I believe [The Reader] will become something of a family emblem” - Ms C, Oxfordshire

Why is reading a book so much more satisfying than reading on screen?

The Reader came about in response to this question. I picture him standing at a bus-stop, perhaps in the pool of light cast by a street lamp on an autumn evening. He is oblivious to his surroundings and fascinated by the book fitting so snugly into his hands. This feels very different from the fleeting connection with words that scroll across a screen before disappearing into the void.

I chose his clothes to show that reading connects us with past generations who enjoyed the same book

"First of all, it caught my eye because the gentleman was reading. I cannot recall having seen a reader before. Next, his body language seemed to indicate that he was thoroughly engrossed in what he was reading—it’s as if he were walking along and then just had to stop to focus totally on what he was reading. I also liked that he was wearing a hat because it invoked a quieter, more peaceful era, perhaps late 1940’s or early 1950’s. I remember my grandfather wearing a hat every time he put a suit on. And this man was wearing a suit, a bit crumpled looking like he was on his way home from a busy workday and heading toward the subway. He didn’t care what was going on around him or how he appeared to others. He just had to get to the next sentences in the book. It is kind of like an NPR moment when you cannot get out of your car because you have to finish hearing the story being reported!" - KS,Oregon, USA